Tuesday, January 17, 2012

SOPA - (U.S. bill)

"Those who give up essential liberties for temporary security do not deserve both and shall have neither." — Ben Franklin

I don't know how many times this quote has proven right, and how many times again and again people do give up liberties for little to no security. Humanity wasn't made to be controlled nor to be told what to do. Humanity is to grow with endless possibilities, un-challenged, able and willing to take risks to get to something one or more really love.

This SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) has gotten too far. Doesn't anyone inform themselves of the world anymore? Doesn't anyone look back and ask questions no matter the consequences? Now SOPA wants to censor information on the internet just as they did to the main news organizations, or just as Hitler did in WWII to keep people in the black of what he was doing behind their back, or as Stalin did to keep his people blind, as Kim-Jong Ill did, as the Communists of China have been doing... and, haven't we already discussed this and said it was a bad thing? Millions of years of history and still, people make the same mistakes. Now it has come to America in a huge package and named SOPA. Why are we even having this problem? I voted to keep this shit out of our hair.

Government is supposed to be there to protect its people against little (LITTLE) threats, not turn into a 1984 type setting. Here it is, a blackout is to occur, if you do not know about SOPA click the links below, if you do, then write to your congressman and help get others educated of the true and vicious world around them.

Because having a computer with internet is great, but letting someone start to tell you what you can and can't do isn't human. So why let this control what a human does?




Sunday, January 8, 2012

Revolution World (Book)

Okay, I LOVE this book. At first to some it might seem a bit odd, but that is what makes it so interesting. Perfect for a geek of any interest. Pick one up as soon as you can and read to your little hearts desire. 

Set in a post-ecological, post-economic collapse and near-future, the story follows the story between two people apart of two companies/families. One dealing business in data protection and the other, in genetic engineering. Both end up in a situation to which they need each others help from both rival companies and from government "law." While keeping there company and families in order through the whole ordeal. 

This is more of a girl-ish book now that I think of it but hell, even I was kept interested. At first, (as some books) it might be a little hard to keep up with what is going on since the action pretty much starts right away, and as for it being set in the near future, you have to get used to the type of technology that is common among these people. In it there are online video games, political bashing, odd biological experiments, and vampires. Before anyone goes crazy saying "Vampires! Nope.jpg," the vampires in this book actually are the most realistic "vampires" I've read about. Rather than being some fairy tale thing, it is more of a natural chemical screw up in the body (not to give it away). The fun thing about this book that every little detail helps toward what the characters will do next and what might happen. So instead of what appears to be a random filler chapter will later be proven as a important factor no matter how mediocre it is. 
Overall I extremely recommend this book, not all will like it (I let a friend borrow this and he didn't like it at all mainly cause of too much attention to detail he said) but I'm sure most of this book will be enjoyable in the long run with all the action and conspiracies with government and video games it will have. 

(Sorry for SUCH a long time posting, I've been busy with family, financial situations, college, and my own laziness. There shall be more to come!)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (Film)

This movie is obviously just another money maker (just to throw that out there). Now by itself this movie is actually pretty good. Not one to go crazy over but a nice little film to watch. But compared to the other pirates films, it just doesn't make (much) sense.
The story is that Jack gets captured and the King of England wants him to find the fountain of youth before the Spanish does and clam it "for his majesty the king." He leads a crew to the fountain and soon finds himself in different situations in order to get the components needed inorder to use the fountain of youth, stay alive, and beat the Spanish to it.

I can't give too much info here or else it might ruin the plot for some. However, the way the movie opens up is a bit scrambled. Characters once known are now introduced being in a position that doesn't really make sense why they are there. It later explains it but it still boggles my mind a bit when trying to figure out the details.
There are moments of romance which at most times it just feels cheesy. It is (I guess) crucial to the story but it just didn't need to be carried out so much or have at least been done a little better (or I'm just being too hard when it comes to this, I don't know).
The story line itself does fit in to the other movies in a way but doesn't really add any more long term change in the characters. It is cool however seeing Blackbeard and his ship, but it still feels like a money maker than anything else.
Again, I can't give much away or else I might ruin the story but overall, just wait for it to come out on DVD (or blu-ray) and rent it. It is a nice movie but for me being a thinker, some things just bother me (then again I might just have to watch it again).

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Call of Juarez: The Cartel (Video Game, pre-release news)

Now Call of Juarez: The Cartel is now up for pre-order.  In which it is a sudden turn in time periods for sure. From civil war and Indians suddenly to present times and the Cartel.

Now there are three playable characters rather than two. Which also bring an odd number three player co-op through the storyline or through different missions. Not to mention the always (well, now it seems always anyway) multiplayer settings which I'm sure it involves the usual capture the flag, so on and so fourth. 

Yet the developers to suddenly go from the wild west to suddenly modern day L.A. and Mexico settings is still all but sudden. Yet to engage in real world problems such as the drugs; money; and drug lords that work for the Cartel could send a slap to the already many fans. However, I will give Call of Juarez a chance and see what comes out. The game play (as I heard) is still the same but just the surroundings are different.

Also: Pre-Purchase Call of Juarez: The Cartel before May 30th 10am PST and receive a copy of Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood for free. To play or to gift and get two exclusive in-game weapons. It is currently available on STEAM for 49.99

Friday, May 20, 2011

Honest Hearts: DLC to Fallout: New Vegas (Video Game)

Honest Hearts is one anticipating add-on that so many have been waiting for. One small let down of the last add-on Dead Money in which the player couldn't return to the land as soon as they finished the main quest. Honest Hearts does let the player go back and fourth as the please after they have finished with the main quest (yey).

It starts with a group of traders wanting to open up a new trade route onwards to Utah's Zion national park. Anyone with a pip-boy is needed for mapping out the way to and back from the expedition. Upon entering the land, you are thrown into a war between the local tribes. Having to help them settle the conflict in-order to get back to the Mojave Wasteland. Of course, your actions and decisions lead to what happens next in the main quest and what happens to the tribes on all sides. There are many different ways to play and many different outcomes instead of the usual bad and good sides. 

At first, you can't enter the Zion territory unless you have a weight of equal or bellow 100 on you at the time. Which is good considering on how much stuff you get in Zion territory. The weapons include a .45 auto pistol, .45 auto submission gun, Fire bomb (Molotov), Tomahawk, War Club, Yao Guai gauntlet, and a Mantis gauntlet (of course there are named versions of the weapons). One major weapon that I miss made a glorious return, the Shishkebab. Another glorious return is the Yao Guai, a heavily radiated bear that can be quite a challenge to the player. Radiated plants and Geckos also are located around the map but some have a ranged attack.
There is a storyline by itself on the history of before and when the bombs fell upon the land. Computers and notes give clues on how some tribes may have started and what happened to the locals when the bombs fell and how they survived through the first months/years of the wasteland.

The whole DLC itself is fairly challenging, giving plenty of enemies to shoot at. The level cap as well has been raised another five (and if one has both DLC's it raises the level cap to 40 and if not then 35); and also brings in 5 perks that are available once the DLC is installed(not including the ones given by companions) which include:

Home on the Range: Campfires also give the player the option to sleep.

Eye for Eye: For each crippled limb you have, the player does an extra 10% more damage.

Grunt: You do 25% more damage with 9mm and .45 Auto pistols and SMGs, Service Rifles, Assault and Marksman Carbines, Light Machine Guns, Frag Grenades, Grenade Rifles; Launchers, and the Combat knife.

Fight the Power!: Against dirty raider and junkie types as well as Zion's tribals you do +15% Damage and have a bonus to hit in V.A.T.S.
My character (Karla) holding a .45 Auto pistol with silencer attachment
Overall this DLC is worth having especially when one can travel back! The weapons are also available outside of the DLC such as the Gun Runners (for example) already had ammo and fully repaired .45 weapons for sale. So its not like you have to keep going back for more ammo/weapons for repair. 

Overall it includes: 20 quests, 54 locations, about 15 new weapons, 6 mods, 5 new perks, and 5 extra levels for your character. 

~Get it, love it, have babies~

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Megas XLR (Old TV show)

I miss this show so much right now. :c

Now I feel old thanks to those comments. :P

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Total War: Shogun 2 (PC videogame)

Shogun 2 takes place right after the Ōnin Civil War ended at 1477. It was a conflict that brought forth many clans all fighting to take place as the new Shogun of Japan. The player takes control of one of the eight clans and must expand to be feared while keeping balance within its borders.

Shogun 2 is made by The Creative Assembly and published by Sega. It is a mix of Turn Base Strategy and Real Time Tactics (or just Real Time Strategy as others would call it). For this game to be fully amazing in both gameplay and graphics. One MUST have a good computer that can handle it. The units are laid out as seen above when in a battle (if you haven't played a total war game before).

The player starts off with one city, and already a enemy ready to attack (depends on which clan the player starts off with) and must expand in both territory and in economy. The people must be kept happy with food being plentiful and taxes being reasonable. The army must be ready and upgraded as well as the navy. The interesting thing is that (of course) everything has been hardcore turned as the Japanese would do it giving that "honor" feel to it. Alliances and trade are two big deals and can even use an arranged marriage or even use a family member as a hostage to prove that you nor the other clan will break their promise.
The land battles are much more funner (in my opinion) as compared to Total War Napoleon. With there being much more units and using agents such as a ninja which can assassinate generals or sabotage cities and armies. Each having a little cut-scene showing the ninja at work, showing either if he succeeded, failed but lived, or failed but died. Metsuke is a secret agent that can bribe or seek out ninja's and even hidden armies ready to ambush. Monks counter this by using faith to turn people to see the way of your clan, talking people into revolution or talking to the enemy Metsuke/army to give in and either stop or turn over completely.
The whole game itself gives what it can to make you feel like a leader of such a clan. Almost anything you can think of you have control over, which harbor should be a military or a trade port, which city should train my samurai's or just focus on the people being happy and economic growth, what kind of people should I ally with and who should I trade with, who should I use piracy against in order to get more money? etc.
One big thing that I was happy for is the sea battles. They greatly improved and the enemy AI finally appears to know what the hell they are doing in the first place. The ships are amazing which gives a whole new feel to the battle. With cannons only available to only a few ships. One must rely on the arrows (fire arrows are the special attack) or boarding parties to destroy the enemy fleet. 

If you have never played a Total War game or have but couldn't get used to it, give this one a chance. If you are a fan of RTS (Real Time Strategy) then this is a must. There are more to the game but of course I don't want to boar everyone by just droning on about the little (but still awesome) things. It's an experience the player has to see for themselves.