Tuesday, January 17, 2012

SOPA - (U.S. bill)

"Those who give up essential liberties for temporary security do not deserve both and shall have neither." — Ben Franklin

I don't know how many times this quote has proven right, and how many times again and again people do give up liberties for little to no security. Humanity wasn't made to be controlled nor to be told what to do. Humanity is to grow with endless possibilities, un-challenged, able and willing to take risks to get to something one or more really love.

This SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) has gotten too far. Doesn't anyone inform themselves of the world anymore? Doesn't anyone look back and ask questions no matter the consequences? Now SOPA wants to censor information on the internet just as they did to the main news organizations, or just as Hitler did in WWII to keep people in the black of what he was doing behind their back, or as Stalin did to keep his people blind, as Kim-Jong Ill did, as the Communists of China have been doing... and, haven't we already discussed this and said it was a bad thing? Millions of years of history and still, people make the same mistakes. Now it has come to America in a huge package and named SOPA. Why are we even having this problem? I voted to keep this shit out of our hair.

Government is supposed to be there to protect its people against little (LITTLE) threats, not turn into a 1984 type setting. Here it is, a blackout is to occur, if you do not know about SOPA click the links below, if you do, then write to your congressman and help get others educated of the true and vicious world around them.

Because having a computer with internet is great, but letting someone start to tell you what you can and can't do isn't human. So why let this control what a human does?




Sunday, January 8, 2012

Revolution World (Book)

Okay, I LOVE this book. At first to some it might seem a bit odd, but that is what makes it so interesting. Perfect for a geek of any interest. Pick one up as soon as you can and read to your little hearts desire. 

Set in a post-ecological, post-economic collapse and near-future, the story follows the story between two people apart of two companies/families. One dealing business in data protection and the other, in genetic engineering. Both end up in a situation to which they need each others help from both rival companies and from government "law." While keeping there company and families in order through the whole ordeal. 

This is more of a girl-ish book now that I think of it but hell, even I was kept interested. At first, (as some books) it might be a little hard to keep up with what is going on since the action pretty much starts right away, and as for it being set in the near future, you have to get used to the type of technology that is common among these people. In it there are online video games, political bashing, odd biological experiments, and vampires. Before anyone goes crazy saying "Vampires! Nope.jpg," the vampires in this book actually are the most realistic "vampires" I've read about. Rather than being some fairy tale thing, it is more of a natural chemical screw up in the body (not to give it away). The fun thing about this book that every little detail helps toward what the characters will do next and what might happen. So instead of what appears to be a random filler chapter will later be proven as a important factor no matter how mediocre it is. 
Overall I extremely recommend this book, not all will like it (I let a friend borrow this and he didn't like it at all mainly cause of too much attention to detail he said) but I'm sure most of this book will be enjoyable in the long run with all the action and conspiracies with government and video games it will have. 

(Sorry for SUCH a long time posting, I've been busy with family, financial situations, college, and my own laziness. There shall be more to come!)