Friday, April 15, 2011

Team Fortress 2: Hatless Update (PC/Mac Game)

Valve released a Hatless update (which is a surprise for players) and instead added a few things from Team Fortress beta (such as the backburner airblast), nerfed some weapons, and added crits on some weapons but instead did a -25% damage.
Now out of all these changes one thing stuck out more than anything. On their website is where the page talking about the update is at, and at one point it said:

"Because Team Fortress is no one-trick pony. As you can clearly see from the embarrassment of miscellaneous improvements making up the Hatless Update, this pony easily—easily—knows seven, possibly even eight tricks. We went and looked through some equestrian training manuals, and it turns out that's a very respectable number."
Seems someone is Valve headquarters has taken a fancy to Ponies, specifically the Friendship is magic season (Blue pony is best pony).

ANYWAY: The update includes voting (choosing who to kick and next map), 
Dynamic Model Loading (Improving on how much memory TF2 uses [yey!]), 
Steam servers now associate themselves through STEAM ID (Servers will be noted on how many players there are "Rewarding the good and punishing the bad")
Class duels, which both players choose and play the same class till the end of the duel
New chat and better sound when using in-game voice
Paint improvements (fixing the bugs) and now will work better with the world lighting
KOTH badlands (Smaller than normal Badlands!)
Coaching, you can enter to coach someone or to be coached
New offline training sessions for spy, engineer, and demoman

These updates are awesome yes but the problem so far is that no-one can access their backpack nor change what is equipped at all. You can still use new weapons only if you equipped them BEFORE the update. (Fixed with a patch a day later)
Valve I love you guys but no-one can play your games till 2 days after the update release. 

Update page (source):


  1. Being playing this new update all day...gabe newell can have my babies.

  2. I have only played this game when they made if free for a couple days it was fun but never hooked me enough to play it.

  3. i playd that game once. pretty cool, but prefer q3 :P

  4. never played this game i have herd lots about it. is it worth the buy

  5. I've heard tons about it but never actually got off my ass to get it yet...

  6. I've watched this a lot on different streams. I need to get it.

  7. Stopped playing before the hats were put in. Don't understand what the big deal is

  8. TF2 is still great, the hats where not the problem. It's the players who went crazy over the hats are. Now that the in game trading is there, they stay in their trading server and leave the rest of us to play on the real servers

  9. Love team fortress! love being the pyro burning everyone to death!

  10. i wish i had the money and time for this game

  11. I used to play TF along time ago, kinda lost interest in fps games.