Monday, May 2, 2011

Star Wars: In 3D (News)

Okay, It is true, all six of the Star Wars films are going to be re-released in theater in Real 3D. Starting next year, each movie will be released one year at a time; thus the last movie releasing in the year 2018. But, they will release the movies starting with Star Wars Epi. 1 The Phantom Menace on February 10, 2012.
John Knoll (Supervisor for Visual effects Industrial Light and Magic) said:

"Getting good results on a stereo conversion is a matter of taking the time and getting it right. It takes a critical and artistic eye along with an incredible attention to detail to be successful. It is not something that you can rush if you want to expect good results. For Star Wars we will take our time, applying everything we know both aesthetically and technically to bring audiences a fantastic new Star Wars experience."

I myself am not a huge fan of 3D and Star Wars but I do hope it is 3D in the sense that it is like looking through a window instead of "Poping" out of the screen.

(How Star Wars came to be in the first place)


  1. Oh god, why? More Star Wars rape.

  2. Oh gosh, more money for george lucas.

  3. if they are going to do this shouldn't they at least do it classically and show 4,5,6 then 1,2,3? but then again, most kids already know the plot twists now anyways.

  4. Not sure how 3d will benefit any episode except for 3. Old ones just don't have all that much use for it and 1st and 2nd one would require new visuals to be impressive now.

  5. No, no & no. We do not need another revamp of Star Wars, George. And christ, don't you have enough money yet?