Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sucker Punch (Film)

Okay, first thing that got me into this film was the fact that it had the stuff that turned me into a geek in the first place. Dragons, Steampunk,WWI tech, and of course those ladies in corsets.

"The Girls" (In Order) Sweet Pea; Rocket; Babydoll; Blondie; and Amber

(I can't say much or I'll ruin the movie) So the movie begins with a female (nicknamed Babydoll) going into a insane asylum around the 1960s and later hatches a plan to escape. Aiding her are four others that go by the nicknames Sweet Pea, Rocket, Blondie, and Amber. Together they go through and complete each task one at a time of getting five items needed for the escape; during these times is where the film and... well, everything take a turn to a crazy badass battle.

Now, this film has a lot of those thinking moments even if the whole film seems like its all just eye candy (well it can be just eye candy if you want it to) but it doesn't get you thinking till the end of the film. Its like that slap to the face that you don't feel all but a few seconds after. If you know a lot about psychology you will get this movie better than others, but it has quite a few "what the hell" moments in which make sense at the end of the film later relating back to psychology. Over all its all about the adventure (such as Indiana Jones, LOTR, etc.) and has quite a few meanings in the story which one major one being "sacrifice for the greater good."
I highly recommend this movie if you are okay with things being different, meaning in a way that a film just goes in its own direction to tell its story rather than "copy paste" the methods of story telling that all other movies use. And if you don't mind giving the plot a good think over before overall judging it. It is an odd movie, but the kind of odd that just completes it in a way others can't.

(On a related note: the music works really well with the movie too, especially when presenting actions and certain charters.)


  1. I refused to read because I want to see it! I could have saw it last weekend, but my craving for horror made me turn my attention to Insidious instead...which is terrifying..

  2. Great review, I liked the movie a lot.

  3. "Dragons, Steampunk,WWI tech, and of course those ladies in corsets.
    How is this all gonna fit in a movie?

  4. @Toasty I don't know but they proved it can be done in this one.

  5. Not the greatest movie of all times but the chicks were bangin'.

  6. this movie was very cool i was not expecting much from it but it was cool

  7. Okay, I'm sold... I was skeptical but I'll have to get this one!